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ITA Company

  • »is the private Czech company founded in the year 1991 by research workers of the Engineering and Metallurgical Research Institute VÍTKOVICE,
  • »is engaged in advanced hot and cold rolling technologies,
  • »supplies know-how and software solutions to leading producers of rolling equipment, technologies and process control such as Danieli, ConverTeam, Acos Vilares, Vítkovice Heavy Machinery…,
  • »solves technical issues and technological innovations at hot and cold rolling mills such as ArcelorMittal Ostrava, Severstal Cerepovec, ArcelorMittal Vanderbijlpark, CSN Voltaredunda, Třinecké železárny Trinec….

Main activites

  • »Technical issues solutions, studies processing, consulting and advisory service in the field of hot as well as cold rolling technologies,
  • »Development of new and optimization and adaptation of existing rolling mills control systems SW modules (Level 2),
  • »Development of special off-line tools for computer simulation of rolling and cooling processes,
  • »Forming and heat treating processes computer modeling.