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RollFEM Software

Computer simulation of rolling and cladding by rolling processes by the help of Finite Elements Method

RollFEM Software

Computer simulation of three-layer strip cladding by rolling

RollFEM software enables:

  • »to simulate processes of flat products rolling and cladding of multi-layer strips by rolling under the plane strain conditions
  • »to simulate hot and cold rolling processes
  • »to calculate temperature field in the rolled material as well as in rolls considering heat transfer into rolls, temperature influence on material deformation properties and on dimensional change due to thermal expansivity
  • »to calculate elastic stresses and deformation of rolls
  • »to determine local stress, deformation and thermal conditions in the point of strip layers connection during the lapping
RollFEM Software

Rolling forces and torque progression

RollFEM Software

Strain intensity distribution during two-layer strip cladding