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IPPM Software

Plastometric tests results computer post-processing

Program IPPM

Primary values measured at the torsion plastometer
(torque, time, revolutions, axial force)

IPPM software enables:

  • »to process results of one torsion test at the torsion plastometer effectively and automatically (measured values – time, revolutions, torque, axial force, temperature) as well as of more tests set for material flow stress model parameters determination (flow stress relation to strain, strain rate and temperature)
  • »to determine material flow stress curve according to several theories
  • »to display and save material flow stress curves for a subsequent processing
  • »to determine material flow stress models:
    • »by the help of multiple regression analysis – mathematical approach
    • »using physically based equations – physical approach
IPPM Software

Flow stress resulting curves for a set of measurements on various physical conditions

IPPM Software

Hot steel flow stress model display (relation to temperature and strain for constant strain rate)