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OPPUNI Software

Prediction of optimal pass schedules for reverse narrow strip rolling at 3-high universal stand

The software supports

  • »conventional rolling technologies with the rolled material total recovery between individual passes
  • »technologies with the controlled finishing temperature
  • »technologies with the controlled recrystallization of the rolled material in individual rolling phases

The software includes rolling

  • »of ingots and conticast products with canting and subsequent arbitrary integration of a vertical stand into the deformation process,
  • »with an option of cosmetic passes and high-pressure water descaling
  • »with an option of a temperature delay with the required thickness of the rolled material
  • »with keeping of the required finishing temperature of the rolled product
  • »with holding of required thickness and width tolerances of the rolled product

Program Oppuni

The software is a part of the UNITRIO rolling mill control system in TŽ Bohumín ironworks. Next to the off-line version, the software is implemented here also in the on-line version for the technological process control with an adaptive adjustment of time, force and temperature conditions during practical rolling.