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Optimization of Pass Schedules for hot strip rolling mill P1500 in ArcelorMittal Ostrava

Software module for pass schedules optimization results from the rolling technology knowledge and limiting criteria in individual phases of rolling. Limiting criteria for P1500 hot strip rolling mill (Twin Steckel) are demonstrated schematically in the following figure

Programy pro výpočet optimálních úběrových plánů

Possible rolling forces range for P1500 rolling mill (Twin Steckel) conditions

Software solution is based on mathematical optimization methods when the following two types of algorithms are applied:

  • »pass schedule optimization including bending forces optimization
  • pass schedule optimization and additional bending forces optimization
Programy pro výpočet optimálních úběrových plánů

Types of optimization algorithms for pass schedules calculation

On-line version of the pass schedules optimization module was implemented into Level 2 control system of P1500 rolling mill (Twin Steckel). Off-line version can be used in phase of production setup.