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Czech republic

Here you can find our key customers in the Czech Republic. By a click to a place in the map you can learn more detailed information (the firm name and the product which is used by this firm).

Ostravaback to the map

ArcelorMittal a.s.

  • »pass schedules prediction optimization at Twin Steckel hot strip mill control system
  • »strip laminar cooling control system adjustments at Twin Steckel hot strip mill
  • »adjustments of control system for the strip flatness ensuring at Twin Steckel hot strip mill
  • »backup rolls sleeving technology design for Twin Steckel hot strip mill
  • »technology and equipment design of high-speed cooling of large diameter reinforcing bars at the medium and fine section mill
  • »technology design of reinforcing wire high-speed air cooling at wire mill chain conveyer

Evraz Vítkovice Steel a.s.

  • »optimization of pass schedules at reversing 4-high heavy plate mil with respect of roll bending
  • »technology design of caliber rolls sleeving for heavy section mill

Research Institute VÍTKOVICE Ltd.

  • »FormFEM and QTSteel software

VŠB – Technical University of Ostrava

  • »FormFEM and QTSteel software (net versions)
  • »RollFEM software

Třinecback to the map

Třinecké železárny a.s.

  • »KxTRoll software for off-line calculations of microstructure and mechanical properties of hot rolled bars and wire
  • »QTSteel software (2licences)

Bohumínback to the map

Třinecké železárny a.s.

  • »OPPUNI software for optimal pass schedules calculation for narrow strip reverse rolling at three-high universal stand
  • »3-high universal stand control system after its restoration (Level 2)

Frýdek-Místekback to the map

Válcovny plechu a.s.

  • »technology design of electrical grain oriented transformer steel (TRAFO) strip cold rolling for the flatness enhancing
  • »off-line program for arrangement of optimal pass schedules for electrical grain oriented transformer steel (TRAFO) strip cold rolling

Břidličnáback to the map

AlInvest a.s.

  • »pass schedules preparation with regard to strip flatness during Al alloys rolling

Studénkaback to the map

MSV Metal a.s.

  • »FormFEM and QTSteel software

Prahaback to the map

Czech Technical University in Prague

  • »FormFEM (net version) and QTSteel software

Brnoback to the map

Brno University of Technology

  • »FormFEM software (net version)

University of Defence

  • »QTSteel software

České Budějoviceback to the map

PRYM a.s.

  • »QTSteel software

Liberecback to the map

Technical University of Liberec

  • »QTSteel software

Kladnoback to the map

Rolling Mill Dříň, Třinecké železárny a.s.

  • »QTSteel software

Rokycanyback to the map

Kovohutě Rokycany

  • »work rolls sleeving technology design